Our rail solution is a complete end-to-end system which integrates on-board and wayside systems under the same umbrella. The rail solution consists of video security systems and a full set full set of Passenger Information Systems (PIS) which can be operated 24/7 with advanced wireless technologies.

End-to-End integration of wayside and on-board systems

Teleste’s end-to-end rail solution is a competitive option for new designs as well as for renovation projects. Dependent on the particular need of the project in question, Teleste’s solutions may include video security systems, passenger information systems, entertainment systems, passenger counting and other features which can be fully integrated based. As a technical integrator, Teleste is ready to assume the responsibility for the functioning of a total system including own and third party products.

The video security systems within our rail solution are based on Teleste’s Video Management System (VMS), S-VMX. The S-VMX system is essentially the same system, whether deployed on the wayside or on-board of the rail car. The system is remotely accessible and configurable 24/7 from anywhere with access to Internet. Different wireless access technologies can be used for a 24/7 remote access to the on-board VMS system as well as for remote configurations, diagnostics and system software updates. Wireless technologies are used also for the offload and live view of the video recordings.

The S-VMX is a truly scalable system that supports an unlimited number of users, cameras and Operation Control Centers (OCCs). Teleste’s S-VMX system allows the integration of a wide range of different subsystems which maximizes the added value to the end user. Subsystems commonly integrated with S-VMX are Video Content Analytics (VCA) as well as a Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) systems or PSIM-like situation and event management systems.

Enhanced Safety, Operations and Security with Video Content Analytics (VCA)

Teleste has established relationships with several Video Content Analytics (VCA) suppliers and offers these solutions as part of its total solution. VCAs are used to enhance safety, operations and security in the rail infrastructure, among others, in the following applications:

Safety Operations Security
Detect running/skateboarding/slip and fall People counting or crowd management Abandoned objects on a crowded platform
Overcrowding and congestion detection Monitor train schedule (License plate recognition) Trespassing – wrong way or unauthorized entry
Clear of obstruction or detection of left objects Parking violation Intrusion detection for tunnel, rail yard or tracks
Collision prevention at level crossing Track maintenance Graffiti and vandalism detection
Fire & Smoke detection   Face recognition

On-board solutions

Teleste’ on-board solution is competitive option for both new design or renovation projects. It includes video surveillance and mobile recording, passenger information systems, entertainment systems, passenger counting and other features which can be added upon customer and project based needs. We can also build state-of-the-art fibre optics networks, which enable implementation of efficient and robust ethernet networks for different on-board solutions.

Wireless offload and access to the on-board VMS system

Teleste’s solution allows wireless access and operation of the video management system from anywhere, anytime. Seamless communication is always available e.g. between operation centers, police and rescue patrols. Offload of the content stored in mobile Network Video Recorders (mNVRs) is an essential part of the high-end on-board solution. Our solution allows different options for the wireless offload of the recorded content. The offload can be done at once or during the course of several partial offload procedures.

Full set of Passenger Information Systems (PIS)

Our on-board solution consists of a full set of passenger information systems, which makes it a true turnkey solution. The passenger information includes the following elements, which can be further extended based on project needs:

  • Communication & Control
  • Announcement systems
  • Display systems
  • Entertainment & Infotainment systems
  • Passenger counting

Ideal solution for demanding and critical infrastructure projects; IRIS certified

Due to the quality and reliability of our solution, it is ideal for the mass transportation. Teleste’s solutions have been deployed in many very large rail projects such as in Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and in the nationwide rail solution of SNCF in France.

Teleste is IRIS certified, which guarantees that its solutions conform to the high requirements of the rail industry.

Standard compliant and secure system

Teleste’s system supports the Onvif standard and is also compliant with the requirements of other standards related to video surveillance and rail systems, such as the American Public Transport Association’s (APTA) CCTV standard and EN50155. Our solutions meet the resolution, color fidelity, and frame rate requirements that are demanded for the video to be used both for preventative surveillance as well as for evidence purposes. Our system is also secure and it allows operation with SCADA systems and government level systems where high level of security is required.

Unlimited scalability

Our system is future proof and it can be scaled from relatively small system into the system with tens of thousands cameras and other components. The scalability of our system is also transparent to the underlying legacy systems, regardless whether these are analogue or IP based.

Fast Integration – Command and Capture™

We can offer different levels of integration. Typically integration of different subsystems into single entity is time consuming and expensive for the end customer. To overcome this, we have developed the Command & Capture™, which is a patent pending application that enables extremely fast integration of different systems into single entity, including even systems beyond the surveillance domain.

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