Video surveillance markets

Teleste provides professional video surveillance applications, systems and services for customers in e.g. public sector, traffic and transportation, military and border control, as well as police, fire and rescue service. Our portfolio of products and services meet the highest international standards for transmitting, storing and managing video in demanding, high camera count ecosystems.

Safety, Operations and Security

The three main themes in all segments of video surveillance are Safety, Operations and Security. Our end-to-end video security solution addresses the challenges around these themes.


We offer video surveillance solutions optimized for rail ecosystem, where we emphasize safety, operations and security.


Good operational workflow combined with safety and security are essential when it comes to movement of masses.


We provide complete turnkey solution for the buses, ensuring security and safety of the passengers.


There is more in airport surveillance than meets the eye - more cameras, more users, and more uses that go beyond security.

Public security

Public safety consists of many things, and the possibility to detect situations rapidly and react to them fast is not the least of them.

Military and border control

We offer video surveillance solutions tailored for both unclassified and classified projects based upon customer needs.

Utilities and Industry

We can offer the entire infrastructure that is needed to integrate multidisciplinary systems to form a single entity with 24/7 operation.