ACE2 Amplifier

  • ACE2 Amplifier
     ACE2 Amplifier
The ACE2 is a broadband amplifier with one active output with a forward gain up to 44 dB. Based on the latest GaN amplifier technology, the ACE2 offers high output level (Umax 115 dBµV, 112 channels) and supports 1.2 GHz/204 MHz upgrade remotely. Remote control is possible via RIS protocol.

Product information


High gain

Upstream signal path has many advantages over other products on the market. It has extremely high gain with intelligent adjustment. Upstream signal path can be cut off with RIS.

Innovative diplexer design

ACE2 has double diplex filter possibility that allows remote update of the downstream/upstream split. New settings for the upstream path will be calculated automatically.

USB connectivity

The external USB service interface enables local control with PC or an Android mobile device. Remote  control is possible via RIS protocol.