DOCSIS Access Hub - mini CMTS

  • mini-CMTS
Mini-CMTS solution for extending IP network inside apartment buildings and hotels by utilizing existing coaxial cabling.

Product information


High performance mini-CMTS

DOCSIS Access Hub mini-CMTS enables providing high-speed data, IPTV and OTT over last mile coax to customers at hotels and residential properties. It features an easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes the installation and management quick and easy. Thanks to the integrated DHCP server the DAH is a true "standalone" device that doesn't need any external PC server for provisioning of the cable modems.

Free capacity allocation and easy service management

One DAH device can provide a capacity of 960 Mbps downstream and 160 Mbps upstream. The capacity can be divided evenly among all the subscribers or some subscribers may be allocated with fixed capacity. The capacity allocation can be freely configured in the advanced management tools of the device. This enables implementing various capacity scenarios supporting diverse business models and ensuring a high quality of service.

IPTV multicast services are easy to manage due to several multicast service classes. Service class priorities, rate limits and bitrate settings can all be defined individually. Especially hospitality integrators and their customers may need many CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) groups which are assigned to specified VLANs. The DOCSIS Access Hub supports up to 6 CPE groups and helps network owners to create more secure virtual networks.

Robust and integrated

DAH can be installed both outdoors in street cabins as well as indoors inside apartment buildings. The casing meets IP54 classification which makes it fit for demanding conditions. Integrated power supply, amplifier and switch make the product rugged and compact without need for any additional hardware. This also helps in setting up the device by making it simple and quick to install.

Made in Europe

Today, Teleste is the only data over coax equipment manufacturer in Europe. Therefore, we know the local commercial challenges and technological requirements and are able to address them with solutions optimised for the European markets. In addition to this, we also design, manufacture and service all of our equipments in Europe which is a great advantage in serving our customers promptly and efficiently.

Developed with major media companies

Teleste has joined forces with major media technology companies from five European countries to participate in an industry-driven Celtic-Plus research project: H2B2VS - HEVC Hybrid Broadcast Broadband Video Services. The project investigates the hybrid distribution of TV programmes and services over broadcast and broadband networks, focusing on key factors that will significantly impact the delivery of multimedia contents in Europe. This is all in favor of ensuring DAH meets the highest technological goals.

Complete set of equipment

To make it simple and easy for you, we have also cable modems available to go with the DOCSIS Access Hub. Together they form a complete solution for offering broadband and data services to your customers using the existing coax infrastructure. You can get conveniently all that is needed from one place.