LTvE™ Technology

LTvE™ Technology (patent pending) combines the best parts of terrestrial TV and LTE technologies together. It brings Broadcast TV, narrow cast TV (VOD) , OTT/IPTV, mobile services and data services to households. LTvE solution is an attractive and a cost effective alternative for fixed line connections in rural areas.

Product information



TV ANYWHERE requires multiple ways to deliver services to homes and customers want to be able to access their content even when they are not at home. Homes or holiday cottages in rural areas are seldom connected to cable TV networks and customers have two alternatives to enjoy the content, wired or wireless. Unfortunately, wired local loops and DSL are rarely robust or fast enough for cable TV style experiences.

A COST EFFECTIVE alternative is to COMBINE DVB-T/T2 AND LTE access and offer the best parts of both technologies. Whilst DVB-T is a cost effective way to offer linear HD content, the LTE offers an interesting alternative to deliver OTT services. LTE offers fast broadband access and mobile coverage is anyway now a basic requirement.

DOES MAINTAINING LOCAL LOOPS MAKE SENSE if the same services can be offered wirelessly and wireless networks are now universally required?