echoBox ethernet over coax adapters

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     echoBox with Wi-Fi
For connecting together all internet enabled devices at home by utilizing existing in-home coaxial network.

Product information


Efficient usage of existing in-home coax network

The echoBox adapters, utilizing the MoCA standard, make use of the unused capacity in existing coax to transmit Ethernet traffic. This is done this without interfering with freeview, satellite, CATV or other video services in the home. Without installing any new cabling, an apartment can be fully wired to support ethernet connections, and this can be used to support all applications utilising broadband in the home.

Internet superhighway on coax

The echoBox, empowered by the MoCA technology, can deliver up to 200Mbps ethernet connection up to 16 locations around the home. It comes with four integrated ethernet ports and an optional Wi-Fi connectivity. The echoBox provides high-class bandwidth reliability for in-home backbones and multi-room content sharing, and a solid foundation for a better wireless experience. Every house with coax becomes a connected home.

Comfort and quality

The echoBox is convenient and quick to install as it doesn't require any software configurations or knowledge on networks. It is available as a wired version having one ethernet port and as a Wi-Fi enabled version with four ethernet ports to be used as access point, repeater or hotspot.

Household wide Wi-Fi network

With the echoBox Wi-Fi the users can have multiple Wi-Fi networks in their home or combine the access points into one network and create a single household wide Wi-Fi network. This enables the best performance for video streaming, online gaming and assured reliability for smart home devices like security cameras and temperature sensors that need constant connection by Wi-fi.  The 4 Ethernet ports also allow extra wired devices like smart TVs, PVRs and games consoles to be connected at main viewing points around the home, assuring the best connectivity and online performance.