HDO776 Transmitter

  • HDO776 Transmitter, C-band DWDM
    HDO776 Transmitter, C-band DWDM  HDO776 Transmitter, C-band DWDM
HDO776 downstream transmitter supports frequencies up to 1218 MHz and has one 10 dBm output. HDO776 is a directly modulated 1550 nm C-band DWDM transmitter for short, medium and long distances. It supports broadband, narrowcast and broadcast services in digital and analog formats.

Product information


Future-proof with DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility

HDO776 has an extended frequency range to fulfil DOCSIS 3.1 requirements.

High performance

HDO776 transmitter contains an electrical dispersion compensator that is important especially when analogue channels are transmitted to longer distances.

Cost-effectivity with low power consumption

To increase cost-effectivity, HDO776 offers high performance and the widest variety of features combined to low power consumption.