BarrIER® flyleads

BarrIER® flyleads have great elimination of Ingress and Egress. CLASS A++ shielding when BarrIER® is connected and exceeding A+ when open.

Product information


Stop ingress and egress

Loose and unterminated connections produce ingress and egress, they keep you busy, and they cost you a fortune. The good news is that all this can be stopped today. No more loose connectors and lost terminators. No one needs to be disconnected. Make your in-home interconnect future proof and keep your network protected.  BarrIER® cannot be removed or lost.Class A++ shielding is reached when BarriER® is connected and even when it is left open the shielding of connections will exceed class A+.

All brass construction with NiSn plating

ABC construction is robust due to the properties of zinc when combined with copper form brass, which is a proven material for harsh conditions. This results in higher quality and unlocks the performance of your networks.

Greater cable flexibility: V-QUAD

Tri-shielded cable is more user friendly, not only aesthetically but also installations are simple due to better flexibility. Thinner cables makes it easier to route around e.g. door frames and skirting boards while RF performance is still on state of the art level.