E62 Transponder

  • E62 Transponder
    E62 Transponder  E62 Transponder
The E62 is a transponder module for status monitoring and ingress switch remote control. It is compatible with Teleste E3 amplifier and E8 node platforms.

Product information


Local configuration and control

The front panel USB port of E62 allows local configuration and control of amplifier/node using CATVisor Commander PC, tablet or smartphone. The connection can be established with standard USB cable or Bluetooth using AC6901 adapter.

Remote Ingress Switching (RIS)

E62 supports Remote Ingress Switching (RIS), allowing return path ingress switch control via forward path data link. RIS uses narrowband one-way FSK communication channel and automatically searches for and locks to HDM155 RIS controller's carrier within the tuning range.