DAN300 Remote PHY Enabled Node

  • DAN300 Compact remote PHY device with RF overlay
    DAN300 Compact remote PHY device with RF overlay DAN300 Compact remote PHY device with RF overlay
DAN300 is a compact DOCSIS® 3.1 remote PHY device designed and optimized for distributed access networks. It provides operators with a smooth way to deploy distributed architecture in their networks and substantially increase data transmission capacity.

Product information


Housing can host an RF overlay module

This feature allows operators to start with traditional centralized video distribution and move to all IP architectures when required.

High reliablility

An efficient mechanical design favours both the environment and the operator. Excellent and fully passive cooling design lowers power consumption which increases reliability.

  • Extending lifetime
  • Reliable operation

Highest output level

  • 116 dBµV Annex A / 58 dBmV Annex B
  • Ready to meet Cablelabs FDX specification


  • User can set target output level
  • Device aligns output levels of RPD and RF overlay to target levels.
  • User can balance level offset to RF overlay