AC6158 Automatic control unit

  • AC6158 ALSC module
    AC6158 Automatic control unit AC6158 ALSC module
An intelligent ALSC module for automatic gain and slope adjustment for AC1500/2500 amplifiers. It supports Remote Ingress Switching (RIS) functionality.

Product information


User configurable pilot frequencies

AC6158 is an ALSC module for automatic gain and slope adjustment. It measures two user adjustable pilot signals and adjusts the amplifier interstage gain and slope controls to maintain constant amplifier output level.

RIS and local ingress switch control

The module supports manual gain and slope control and return path ingress switch control via local UI. It also supports Remote Ingress Switching (RIS) which allows remote ingress switch control via forward path data link using HDM155 RIS controller module.

Temperature compensation for ground and aerial cabling

AC6158 includes a sophisticated temperature compensation functionality that compensates for aerial/ground cabling and minimizes the amount of ALSC units needed in the amplifier cascade.