AC6952 Transponder

  • AC6952 CATVisor / HMS compatible transponder and ALSC module
    AC6952 Transponder | Teleste AC6952 CATVisor / HMS compatible transponder and ALSC module
Element management transponder with forward and return path level measurement unit and ALSC controller. Compatible with Teleste AC500, AC800, AC1000, AC2000 and AC8000 platforms.

Product information



  • Compatible with AC500, AC800, AC1000, AC2000 and AC8000 platforms
  • Plug-in unit with no additional cables
  • Electrical gain and slope control of forward path plug-in modules
  • Return path ingress switch ON / -6 dB / OFF control
  • Remote powering AC voltage measurement
  • Local DC voltage and temperature measurements
  • Optical receiver input power measurement
  • Optical transmitter laser current measurement and pilot ON / OFF control
  • Lid status monitoring with light sensor and local connection indication

Modem and management

  • Frequency agile SCTE 25-1 (HMS005) compatible RF modem with wide forward and return path frequency ranges
  • Software supports both CATVisor and HMS modem communication
  • Platform configuration data stored in platform memory
  • Locally and remotely downloadable software
  • Local configuration with a PC or PDA through standard USB port.
  • Transponder can be powered via USB, making it possible to download configuration and update software without a power supply.

Level measurement and ALSC

  • Fast and accurate level measurement unit can measure any forward path channel level up to 1 GHz, with selectable peak or average detection.
  • ALSC pilot frequencies are user programmable with automatic reserve pilot switching. Full gain and slope control with two pilots, automatic switching to gain-only control with only one pilot.
  • Selectable automatic input attenuation control based on optical input level.
  • Fast forward path spectrum analyser functionality with user programmable frequencies, graphical display and automatic limit testing with alarms.
  • Fast return path noise and ingress monitoring with platforms supporting return path measurements. Measurement frequencies and detection mode are user programmable together with individual alarm and warning limits.