BARRIER® adaptors

BARRIER® adaptors have excellent elimination of ingress and egress. Class A++ shielding when BarrIER® is connected and exceeding class A when open.

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Easily upgrade your existing customer install by a simple retro-fit BarrIER® adaptor. There is no need to replace any of the existing installed cables or passive devices, simply upgrade your existing investment and futureproof your interconnect from Ingress/Egress/LTE.

A spanner that secures your network

The custom made tool for BAR-MFA (F male to BarrIER F female adapter) lets you tighten the adapter properly. The normal F male thread has a dry-lock adhesive that locks the adapter in place and creates a permanent barrier against ingress in your network. Practically the spanner only works in one direction - it’s designed to secure not to undo.  Once made, the connection cannot be broken.

Spring nose continuous ground technology

BarrIER® offers you 20dB (typically more) shielding improvement in cases where connectors might be loose in your network. The unique internal plunger spring within BarrIER® connectors apply a rearward force to the mating connector so that metal-to-metal contact between the male and female threads is maintained. It also makes BarrIER® connections immune against vibration and unwanted turning.