XTENDER Wall Outlets

The XTENDER-series utilizes a unique cable clamp mechanism to easily allow existing installed short cables to be extended and made into a wall outlet. The range consists of cable clamps fitted with different connectors on varying lengths of cable as required, along with mounting frames and covers.

Product information


Next generation wall outlets

The new cable extender offers superior RF performance up to 2 GHz and provides easy migration path to DOCSIS 3.1 and beyond. Compared to the ‘old school’ wall outlets its innovative design offers faster and easier new and retro-fit installations.

As standard industry wall outlets are easily damaged during installations, difficult to replace and even cumbersome to handle, Teleste's cable extender supports both wall and surface mounting and can fit on to existing wall box plastics by using an innovative universal add-on front plastic module. Installations are simple and it is possible re-prep the coaxial cables and still fit in the cable extender module, which is not possible with any current wall outlets.

SCTE awarded products

SCTE, the Society of Broadband Professionals, announced its 2016 Technological Innovation Award winners in London, 9 April.  In addition to the prestigious Innovation of the year Award, Teleste’s cable extender was selected as the winner of the category ‘Best CPE solution.