Site Consolidation

CSPs actively seek to reduce their ongoing running costs and CO2 footprint, whilst simultaneously enhancing the quality of services. This may cause systems migrations, real estate consolidation and site closures. We confidently undertake site consolidation projects, having built and honed a unique capability to tackle the challenges with these projects.
  • Site consolidation
     Site consolidation

Compelling market forces driving consolidation

Analysts estimate that most EU national markets will have a 3-operator landscape within 10 years. It’s a competitive marketplace. Mergers and acquisition amongst CSPs are increasing, leveraging low cost debt to lower overheads and maintain margins.

This activity brings new challenges when operating disparate network infrastructure, back-end systems and operations. Aside from the human costs of a multi-system environment, upkeep overheads such as ongoing support, rents and rates, power/Co2 are also high.

Harmonization and rationalisation are essential to bring the desired savings and to support consistent customer experiences.  Further, technological progression from packet-switched to all-IP networks demands system upgrades to enable new offerings. Sales of unwanted, owned sites can offer material returns too.

This consolidation and convergence of multiple architectures, systems, sites and service offerings is a complex business. Flomatik supports CSPs in network and site consolidation (and exit) activities. We work on ensuring 0% unplanned loss of service, providing a full range of capabilities from ‘audit to cut-over’ – augmenting busy client operations, streamlining processes and reducing migration risk.

Site consolidation

Projects of all shapes and sizes

Since 2010, Flomatik has expended over 100,000 ‘re-engineering’ man-hours on such projects. Varying significantly – from simple circuit migrations and transmission system retirements, through to several whole Telephone exchange site closures – each has drawn upon Flomatik’s broad capabilities of Consultancy, Design, Engineering and RRR.

Right-sized delivery approach

Flomatik are flexible; tailoring a service for each client that works with the existing organisation and personnel. Whilst some projects suit a turnkey delivery model, others may favour a more collaborative approach, incorporating the client’s own specialists, to leverage tacit knowledge and skills, lowering costs and mitigating risk.

Communication and planning are key

Common to all projects, regardless of scale, complexity and timeline, is the governance framework that Flomatik provides.

Appropriate multi-stakeholder engagement is pivotal when dealing with complex legacy systems, large organisations and numerous end-customers. In addition, the ready access and availability to all systems and records is vital. Most projects reveal wide-scale deficiencies in this area, mitigated in part by access to expert customer personnel and further supported by ‘study’ phases. These will progressively uncover increasingly detailed and accurate information, and Flomatik has developed automation to assist in those auditing activities; tools that can be simply integrated into client systems.

With a full understanding established, detailed plans can be drawn up for the target state, paying particular attention to the many inter-dependencies.

The plans will deal with the risks, work through the practical steps and milestones, and incorporate opportunities to ‘roll-back’ quickly, should we encounter any unforeseen difficulties.

It’s  how Flomatik meets clients’ high expectations. By delivering, effective project management activities to attain the desired business outcomes, with no surprises.

Additional benefits

Flomatik partners with a range of specialist resale and recycling companies to bring optimal payback for clients. We’ve seen funding of up to 50% of the overall business case, based on capital returns from recovered equipment.

Site consolidation

Vendor neutral and easy to deal with

CSPs responding to a maturing, consolidating and fiercely competitive market will be considering how to lower their overheads. Optimisation of sites and networks represents key components of these strategies.

We can help CSPs scope and develop an initial business case, and then provide supportive services to realise all of the logical and physical activities required.

Whilst other entities may offer such services, many of them will be OEMs and equipment-led. We instead focuses on providing a lean, flexible and collaborative operating model. Our engagements leverage internal talent, embrace technology and reduce costs wherever possible, delivering an optimal result for clients and their customers.

Site consolidation

>1M circuits migrated in the last 5 years