GVR-2440C Amplifier

GVR-2440C Amplifier
GVR-2440C Amplifier

The GVR-2440C is a full two-way NIU with 6 user ports for high-quality TV, Internet, VOD and other services.


  • Active return path
  • Each port with return path
  • Decoupling line network from CPE network
  • In-line ports design
  • Excellent linear frequency response in conformity with CENELEC

Product Specifications

Downstream signal path (88…860 MHz)
Data (108…862 MHz)

2 x 0 dB
2 x 0 dB
2 x 4 dB
Upstream signal path (10…65 MHz)
TV (30…65 MHz)

2 x 0.5 dB
4 x 0.5 dB
(with rejection 5…25 MHz 25 dB)
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