Hong Kong Area Traffic Control

Video surveillance for Hong Kong Island traffic.
UniVision was awarded contract TD86/2003 to provide the Hong Kong area a traffic control CCTV system for monitoring the Hong Kong Island traffic. This was the first large scale CCTV system using digital compression and transmissions. There are a total of six control centres including the main control centre in Habour Building Central, traffic control centre in Immigration Tower, regional command control centre of the Hong Kong police force in North Point, the regional office of the highway department in North Point, the regional office of the traffic engineer division in Immigration Tower and the traffic control division in the Habour Building.

Teleste MPEG-4 video encoders and decoders are used for digital video compression and transmission. An Ethernet network is provided for the HKATC CCTV system. The network will link up all the associated equipment of outstation, instation and HBCC central equipment. All the video streaming, camera control data, and equipment status information are transmitted through the network.
Customer need
  • To improve traffic safety, prevent accidents and use CCTV cameras as an effective decision-supporting tool.
  • To achieve better co-ordination between different authorities.
  • Ability to quickly deliver public traffic information.
Solution to customer's need
  • There are two monitoring CCTV systems under the provision of the primary monitoring system and the secondary monitoring system. The primary monitoring system (the main control centre in the Habour Building) is a CCTV console centre of the whole system.
  • All signals from every camera will be transmitted to the main control centre via IP video codec.
  • Selected camera video signals will be recorded by the Network Video Recorder.
  • The secondary surveillance centre(s) include all the remote control centres except the main control centre; it is only in charge of viewing the cameras  or sequential viewing at full size/playback/alarm.
  • The heart of the HKATC video system is the Teleste VMX video management, recording and storage solution.
  • Teleste MPX series MPEG-4 encoders and decoders for digitizing, compressing and migrating video from analogue CCTV cameras to the IP network.
  • Figures:
    > Approximately 67 cameras.
    > 6 surveillance centres.
    > 2 NVR’s one with 2 TB capacity and the other with 200 GB capacity.
    > 11 Clients (operator stations with GUI and SW decoding).
    > Redundant servers.
  • System installation and maintenance by UniVision Engineering Limited Corporation.