From sourcing of components to world-class manufacturing and delivery, our experienced professionals take care that our products meet the high standards set by our customers and the industries. Close cooperation between the R&D, sourcing and manufacturing operations that are mostly located under the same roof in Finland is one of our key benefits.  Holding a major part of the value chain in-house allows us to combine the expertise and knowhow of our teams and improve our resilience against supply chain disruptions and unpredictable situations.

Sourcing and Sales & Operations Planning

The supply chain has a fundamental role in the value that we provide to our customers, and it is significant from the quality assurance point of view. A thorough Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process is the corner stones for our sourcing and it allows us regular sales forecasts, active procurement work, and review of critical components. Its cornerstone is advanced data analysis tools, developed in-house to utilise the huge amount of data gathered in operations.

World-class manufacturing

With our products and services, we build and maintain the central, critical functions of society. That is why our every product is carefully assembled, tested and tuned. Learn more about our manufacturing.

High-quality partner network

Resilient and high-quality partner network is important to us. Our team of experienced quality professionals in Asia collaborates with suppliers, arranges regular audits, and follows up on the improvement of our material and component quality. Our near sourcing network in Europe gives us important flexibility.