Teleste has its own manufacturing in Littoinen and Forssa in Finland. The Littoinen factory has been leading the way in highly efficient production and manufacturing quality for decades.

Our smart manufacturing process uses data and automation to eliminate inefficiencies, streamline workflow and ensure the high quality of our products. Real-time visibility into the production processes enables us to make informed decisions and reconfigure quickly to handle changes in demand or product design. The process is constantly reviewed and improved by our skilled and motivated people.

Teleste Littoinen factory is located in the Turku Area in Southern Finland with efficient logistics network and flexible local supplier base.

Our products are assembled by educated professionals and every tested and tuned comprehensively.

In the spotlight

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In his blog post, Marko Uutela, director manufacturing and engineering, shares his views and practical examples on the digitalization and the importance of open and free working environment where employees have psychological safety to bring up new ideas.