FTTH Conference 2018

FTTH Conference 2018 took place in Valencia, Spain. Thank you for visiting us!

With 3,000 participants from 94 countries, the FTTH Conference is the largest FTTH event in the world. More information about the exhition is available here.

Guarantee safe FTTX investments with optimized design and custom solutions

At our our standat the FTTH Conference 2018 exhibition you were able to discuss witih us the possibilities our FTTX portfolio offers to your business!

Pre-assembled street cabinets – better quality and less manual work in the field

Our pre-assembled street cabinets, launched last year at FTTX Conference, open up a new avenue to OPEX and CAPEX savings through a rethought business model. The idea behind these cabinets is simple: Just let us pre-assemble the cabinets for you at our factory, and you will achieve faster network rollouts with improved quality and less problems compared to field installations.

Standardising street cabinets and pre-assembly in factory environment makes network design,planning and implementation lean and bring you clear benefits:

•    Better quality due to a cleaner assembly environment
•    Helps save time due to reduced manual work
•    Avoid problems in the field caused by individualistic installations
•    Faster network rollouts, installation resources are not a limiting factor


Smart network design - Ensure smarter FTTX deployments by combining specialist insight and planning automation

Our daughter company Flomatik Network Services presented at Teleste stand also this year. Together, we highlighted our network design services that will ensure you smarter FTTX deployments by combining our specialist insight to planning automation.

We demonstrated how integrated, automated software toolchain provides faster, more informed, and higher quality network planning. While there’s no substitute for network planning expertise and experience, sophisticated planning automation can offer massive speed and productivity gains when compared to traditional network planning approaches:

  • Inform strategy: Making better decisions and optimising capital investment
  • Increase efficiency: Maximising productivity while reducing construction costs
  • Bring new flexibility: Matching network planning to new commercial realities
  • Deliver consistent quality: From construction to in-life operations
  • Improve customer experience: With easier and more exhaustive management and intelligence

Smart network design can improve intelligence, unlock flexibility and guarantee efficiency. It offers you a way to ensure consistent quality while achieving tangible cost and time savings.