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Thank you for visiting us at Lounge event in Stockholm, Sweden!

Teleste hospitality solution


High Speed Internet & IPTV to every room without the time and cost of pulling new cabling

With our hospitality solution you will be able to deliver High Speed Internet and IPTV direct to your guests using the existing TV cables. Teleste’s hospitality portfolio gives you all the benefits of a newly installed data cable network, but without the time, cost & building infrastructure issues associated with pulling new cabling!

Rich media experience to your guests – fast and easy installation

Your guests can enjoy a rich media experience and unlimited access to high-speed wireless internet using their own laptop, tablet, smartphone or other Internet-enabled wireless device. They will also appreciate the hundreds of TV channels with premium picture quality in HD and 4K, as well as rich EPG information you are able to offer them on the hotel TV.

The solution is easy and effortless to install. You can even furnish an entire hotel with Wi-FI services in just 24 hours!

As part of our hospitality solution, we exhibited:

  • Teleste's Luminato digital TV headend that offers a competitive, reliable and advanced TV solution for any type of TV signal input.
  • Teleste´s mini-CMTS DAH that delivers data connection around the building over the existing TV cabling. It offers a cost-efficient and agile way to upgrade network capacity and bring high-speed internet to every room for online video services, Wi-Fi extension and Smart TV applications. The installation is fast and easy, as our solution uses the cabling that is already in place.

Please take the opportunity to read our new case study about a DOCSIS hospitality TV solution to provide hotel guests with modern, IP-based video and entertainment services.

Thank you for visiting us!