Securex 2018

Securex 2018 was arranged 23 to 26 April in Poznan, Poland. Thank you for visiting us!

S-AWARE® takes all your systems under control

At Securex, we unveiled S-AWARE®, our Situation Awareness and Incident Management solution designed to meet your changing needs in operation, systems and technologies. Teleste S-AWARE® is a security and operations control software platform: state of the art agnostic solution to collect, aggregate, synchronize and analyze situational information from separate data sources, including video, into a single system and graphical user interface. It provides the perfect tool to aid operating personnel in decision-making during routine operations and also when unwanted incidents occur.

Advanced features for video and data management

At our stand 22 we also showcased our IP video and information management solution, the S-VMX, mission critical solution for advanced video surveillance.  Our flexible system can contain different types of video surveillance equipment, video and mobile cameras, subsystems and applications from us and also from third party vendors — all connected to one management interface.

The S-VMX is utilized in demanding, large-scale security systems around the world. Please visit our reference pages to read how the solution is utilized e.g. for city-center monitoring in the city of Paris.

We will help you make the most out of your security investment

Teleste can build the solution on top of your current system, utilizing most of the existing infrastructure, allowing a cost-efficient way to bring your security and operation systems to the next level.

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About Securex

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