Webinar: Deliver gigabit data to every hotel room!

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Free webinar: Deliver Gigabit data to every hotel room 60 % cheaper – and even in 24 hours!

Jason Dando, Director of Hospitality and AV Solutions at Teleste Corporation discussed the benefits of utilising the existing coaxial cabling for high-speed data network in hotels during a webinar on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

You can view the webinar presentarion on Vimeo


Using the existing TV coax cabling in your hotel to deliver IP and Wi-Fi services to every room

Today’s hotel guests are demanding more and more regarding television and data services from their stay. Digitally-empowered guests are looking for a home away from home – with their choice of media, devices and services.  At the same time leveraging new technologies and solutions from smart TVs to IoT and bringing new opportunities for improving efficiency and customer experience.

Now is the time to equip every guest room with its own wired internet access point to serve Smart TV, video streaming, and a Wi-Fi hotspot for the ever increasing number of wireless devices that guests arrive with. 

In this webinar we look at how you can successfully implement the fastest, lowest cost and least disruptive deployment of wired internet to every room – By using the existing coax network, that has been there since the property was first built. You will learn how easy and fast it can be to deliver Gigabit-level internet connectivity to your guests.

In this webinar, you can:

  • Find out if your existing coax network is suitable
  • Learn how IP over coax works
  • See how much bandwidth is available
  • Learn what hardware is needed
  • Compare costs with rewiring Cat5 cable
  • Learn why it does not interfere with existing TV channels
  • See how futureproof is it
  • See how it can deliver IP TV
  • Find out what products support this technology
  • Discover how long does it take to install
  • Get an insight of who is using it already
  • Learn how IP over coax can be implemented even in 24 hours


The aim of the webinar is to deliver a simple understanding of the benefits and requirements of utilising the coax network - your most valuable and underused IT asset.  You’ll get answers to the commonly asked questions about the coax, including how you know that your existing coax network is suitable for the solution and that there is enough bandwidth to support your needs, how reliable and secure the coax network is, and how the coax offers you a solution for future-proof broadband connectivity.

The webinar is not technical in its approach and will deliver you an understanding of this hot topic that you can easily communicate to your IT managers and property owners.