Global Public Transport Summit Stockholm 2019

Thank you for visiting us at Global Public Transport Summit Stockholm!

Exploring the latest in smart public transport!

Public transport today is heavily affected by the challenges set by continuous urbanization and the pressure to find more environmental friendly ways for millions of people to move around. Thinking of tomorrow, as well as today, public transport operators, rolling stock manufacturers, and technology providers need to find solutions for creating effective transport ecosystems that can offer easier, safer, and more sustainable journey for passengers.

At Global Public Transport Summit Stockholm 2019 we highlighted our smart and modular solutions and new innovations designed for building and operating effective public transport systems. Whether you are a public transport operator or rolling stock manufacturer, we can help you provide excellent passenger experience, boost ridership and benefit from better operational efficiency and safety through increased situational awareness and control of your public transport system.

Esa Harju, head of Teleste’s public transport business, was interviewed about our topics by Railway Gazette at Innotrans 2018: watch the interview on Youtube!

Demonstrating Connected Zone – the smart and safe bus stop

A special highlight for us this year was Connected Zone, our smart and safe bus stop designed to improve the feeling of safety within the public transport. We demonstrated how bus stops and shelters can be turned into safe zones for the users of the service who can connect to the zones via their smart phones.

In addition, the trade show visitors were able to learn more about our solutions for stations and on-board:

  • Proven on-board solutions, including comprehensive systems for passenger information, public address, intercommunication, infotainment, wireless data transmission, on-board CCTV and information displays for trains, trams and the metro.
  • Passenger information system for easy and effective management of passenger information and fleets. The system allows you to keep track on your fleet and deliver timely and relevant passenger information across your transport system as well as on websites, social media and smart phone applications.
  • Situational awareness solution S-AWARE® — a smart platform for improving situational awareness, operational control and safety in public places through data and information. S-AWARE® has been recently selected by Helsinki City Transport to drive improved situational awareness and safety for the Helsinki Metro.

Our modular solutions let you grow as you need

All our public transport solutions are modular, which means that you can choose the right functionalities for your current operational needs.  When it is time to grow, it will be easy to adopt the system to the changing requirements.

Thank you for visiting us at the show!