HITEC Minneapolis 2019

HITEC Minneapolis tooke place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Thank you for visiting us!

Deliver Gigabit data connection to every hotel room even 60 % cheaper than recabling!

With our hospitality solution you will be able to deliver High Speed Internet and IPTV direct to your guests using the existing TV (coax) cables. Our portfolio gives you all the benefits of a newly installed data cable network, but without the time, cost & building infrastructure issues associated with pulling new cabling.

We offer a simple and reliable solution that enables you to improve your customer experience and revenue by delivering the online services that today’s guests demand.

Why rewire when you can deliver superior Guest Wi-Fi and TV services over your existing TV Cable? In our case stories you read more about some of our customers who have harnessed the full power of their cable:

At HITEC Minneapolis the trade show visitors were able to meet our experts and discuss their biggest service delivery challenges and how implementing DOCSIS can solve them. At booth 2940 we presented:

  • Live demonstration of  Teleste DAH mini-CMTS - a cost-efficient and agile way to upgrade network capacity and bring high-speed internet to every room for online video services, Wi-Fi extension and Smart TV applications. The installation is fast and easy, as our solution uses the cabling that is already in place.
  • Live demonstration of Teleste Luminato digital TV headend - a competitive, compact and advanced TV solution for any type of TV signal input. Receive, decode, manage and distribute all of your broadcast and local TV channels in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Teleste E3 - a compact DOCSIS® 3.1 capable distribution amplifier. Its performance and versatility make it a great all-around amplifier. Innovative yet simple design offers outstanding performance and practical functionalities.
  • Teleste CX3 - the latest addition in our extensive range of DOCSIS® 3.1 capable small amplifiers has been designed with quality and robustness in mind. The CX3 amplifier is a great fit for modern bidirectional networks where cost efficiency and easy installation are prime concerns.

Tech Talks - IP over the Existing TV Network

Jason Dando, Director of Hospitality, speaks about IP over Coax solutions at the HFTP Booth, HITEC tradeshow floor, June 10, 2:00 - 2:45 p.m.

Description: The facts and benefits of utilizing the existing TV coax network in your property, to deliver a high-speed internet access to every room. Guests need connectivity and ever-increasing bandwidth, for Streaming and content delivery. How to deliver this without rewiring your hotel with a data cable network into every room.


Thank you for visiting us!