IT-TRANS 2020 - Cancelled

IT-TRANS 2020 live exhibition has been cancelled. Stay tuned for other news about our activities in the public industry sector.

Update: IT-TRANS 2020 live exhibition has been cancelled by the event organization.

We are looking forward to meet you at the next IT-TRANS, scheduled for 8-10 March, 2022.


Central passenger information system for public transport

Our central passenger information system is designed for the delivery of travel information and multimedia content at stations and platforms, on websites and through social media. It provides you flexible tools to effectively manage large fleets as well as large amounts of displays for passenger information. The system is based on completely web-based technology and it uses several data sources simultaneously to ensure that the  right information is available to both passengers and dispatchers when and where ever needed.

With the software you can:

  • Manage passenger information and send messages to passengers easily and intuitively
  • Control large amounts of displays and their content
  • Present several types of media content and mix it with passenger information
  • Keep track of your fleet in real-time on clear and simple map view
  • Monitor and administrate the system operation flexibly and effectively

Depending on your operations, the system can be used for smallest fleets and numbers of passenger information units up to complete train, tram and bus fleets as well as for entire cities. We are looking forward to meet you at IT-TRANS to discuss how you can take advantage of it to make passenger information more reliable, easier to manage, better to maintain and, in terms of contents even more exciting!

TFT LCD and RGB LED displays for sharp and clear information delivery

Let it snow or shine, our indoor, outdoor and onboard displays make sure that your information is available for the passengers on every step of their journey. The field-proven and certified displays field-proven endure harsh conditions and they will offer you low cost of ownership through a long lifetime.