#TelesteLIVE webinar: Network transformation in 2020's

The first #TelesteLIVE free webinar was hosted by DTVE on Tuesday 19 May 2020. Thank you for attending!

Watch the webinar on-demand now on Digital TV Europe's webpage.

Webinar materials and answers to questions provided by the attendees will be available later so stay tuned for more information!


Network Transformation in 2020’s - What to consider when planning your roadmap today?

Organised together with Digital TV Europe, #TelesteLIVE webinar focused on the cable industry’s biggest challenge for the 2020’s: the ongoing network transformation and how to answer the growing need for network capacity generated by consumers and businesses alike. The key issues highlighted revolved around distributed access networks as well as higher data transmission frequencies enabled by the DOCSIS® 4.0 specifications:

  • The growth of network capacity needs: how to keep up with the demand?
  • The practical challenges related to network transformation: what should operators consider when planning their roadmap for the future?
  • Broadcast delivery in 2020’s: how does delivery of linear TV services change on the road to distributed access networks?
  • Ensuring smooth network transformation: what is required from the technology vendors?

In addition, the webinar also provided latest news and product launches from Teleste, introduced by the company’s leading experts:

  • Network transformation, its challenges and opportunities for operators. How to keep up with the increasing capacity demand? - Hanno Narjus, Senior Vice President, Network Products
  • Compact cutting-edge Remote PHY - Olli Leppänen, Vice President, Distributed Access
  • Video Core functionality to the Teleste Luminato 4X4 headend platform - Julius Tikkanen, Vice President, Video Service Platforms
  • 1.8 GHz intelligent broadband amplifier for DOCSIS 4.0 networks - Rami Kimari, Vice President, HFC Products
  • 1.8 GHz RF passives: constructing the road to DOCSIS 4.0 –compatible networks - Vesa Veijalainen, Vice President, Passive and Indoor Network Products


We are looking forward to meet you again on future #TelesteLive sessions!