Dividend policy

Teleste intends to be an interesting investee corporation in which the investment’s increase in value and the dividend yield form a competitive combination. The annual proposal for the dividend is validated by the Board in consideration of profitability, financial situation and needs for investment necessitated by profitable growth.

The Annual General Meeting held on 22 April 2020, resolved in accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors to authorize the Board of Directors to resolve in its discretion on the distribution of a maximum of EUR 0.10 per share as dividend from the retained earnings and/or as repayment of capital from the fund for invested unrestricted equity in one or more instalments. The authorization would be valid until the opening of the next Annual General Meeting.

The Company will announce each possible Board resolution on distribution of funds separately and confirm the relevant record and payment dates in such announcements.


Dividend history

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0.12€ 0.08€ 0.12€ 0.14€ 0.17€ 0.19€ 0.20€ 0.23€ 0.25€ 0.10€  0.20€  





Updated 2020