Insider management

Insider management

Since 1 March 2000, Teleste complies with the insider guidelines issued by the Board of Directors of Nasdaq Helsinki Oy in their valid form at any given time. These insider guidelines are complemented by Teleste's internal guidelines. The Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) No. 596/2014, "MAR") entered into force on 3 July 2016. As a result of the MAR regulation, Teleste no longer has public insiders. The last date of updating the public insider register was 2 July 2016. 

Teleste maintains a permanent insider register and project-specific insider lists prepared specifically for each project as needed. The permanent insider register includes the persons who are always up-to-date with all insider information concerning Teleste.  

Project-specific insider lists include the persons who work for Teleste under an employment contract or other agreement and receive insider information concerning an individual project, as well as any other persons to whom Teleste discloses insider information concerning an individual project. 'Project' refers to an identifiable arrangement or set of procedures which is being prepared at Teleste in strict confidence and which, when disclosed, could materially affect the value of Teleste's financial instrument.  The CEO evaluates each case to determine whether a set of procedures or an arrangement is considered as a project. 

Persons discharging managerial responsibilities at Teleste with the obligation to notify are the Board members, the CEO, the Deputy CEO and the CFO. They and persons closely associated with them shall notify Teleste and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority of any transactions they conduct in Teleste's financial instruments. Teleste informs about transactions reported to it in a specific stock exchange release. It is recommended for persons discharging managerial responsibilities at Teleste to time their trading activities involving financial instruments issued by Teleste in such a manner that as accurate as possible information affecting the value of the share is available in the market.  

The persons discharging managerial responsibilities at Teleste and anyone participating in the preparation of interim reports and/or financial statement releases are not permitted on their own account or on behalf of others, directly or indirectly, to trade in financial instruments issued by Teleste during the "closed window" period, that is, for thirty (30) days prior to the publication of an interim report and financial statement release. The persons participating in the preparation of interim reports and/or financial statement releases include the rest of Teleste's Management Group, the person in charge of investor relations and the controllers participating in the management's reporting.  

Teleste's insider administration supervises compliance with the insider guidelines and maintains insider lists as well as a list of persons discharging managerial responsibilities and persons closely associated with them. Teleste's Deputy CEO is in charge of insider issues.  

People employed by Teleste may report any suspected violations of rules and regulations concerning the financial markets through an independent channel within the company. 

Updated 2021