Corporate responsibility

  • Teleste vastuullinen liiketoiminta
     Teleste vastuullinen liiketoiminta

Compliance with the laws and regulations

Teleste respects and complies with all applicable national and international laws and regulations and requires its suppliers and business partners to respect the same. The financial reports of Teleste are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the Finnish accounting and company legislation. Teleste complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code and the insider guidelines prepared by the Stock Exchange in its applicable version

Fair and transparent business

Teleste respects fair competition and is committed to comply with applicable antitrust and other laws regulating competition. This includes at least those laws, regulations and standards relating to bribery prevention, corruption, money laundering and financing for illegal or illegitimate purposes.

Teleste will not co-operate with competitors in any manner that restricts competition, including price fixing, allocation of customers or geographic markets or bid rigging. Abuse of a dominant market or business position is forbidden.

Confidential information and IPRs are Teleste’s valuable corporate assets and each Telestian is responsible for ensuring the proper protection of such assets. Teleste’s employees respect the IPRs and confidential information of others and manage such rights in accordance with applicable laws.

Product quality and safety

Teleste’s strengths include strong and versatile technological expertise and product safety. The key areas of technological development are the efficiency of products or solutions, quality-related features, modularity, smartness, processability, recyclability and cost of use. The aim is the production of smart, safe and durable products in order to enable Teleste’s customers to provide a high quality of service experience to their own customers.

Reliable business

Teleste strives to be the preferred supplier to current and new customers. Co-operation with every business partner is based on trust, respect, honesty and confidentiality. Teleste is committed to long lasting partnerships and business integrity in order to offer the best solutions for customers.