Promoting ecological and digital development

The progress of digitalisation creates many opportunities for reducing environmental impacts.

Positive influence on the surrounding society

Teleste is involved in building a networked world. The company’s products and services make daily life safer, smoother, smarter and more ecological. In its own operations, Teleste adheres to its ethical guidelines and responsible operating practices. Good corporate citizenship means promoting sustainable development and increasing well-being in society.

Promoting corporate responsibility has been an ongoing process at Teleste, with a focus on various areas of responsibility, including economic, social and environmental responsibility. In 2018, the company started a process by which Teleste defined its most material themes of responsibility to enable the company to target its actions and investments in areas with the most significant impact with regard to corporate responsibility. The materiality assessment was based on a comparison of the importance of the various themes relative to the needs of Teleste’s stakeholders and the future success of the company’s business. The most significant themes identified in the materiality assessment were the continuous development of Teleste’s products and services, promoting ecological and digital development as well as the efficiency of operations. Maintaining the company’s reputation, developing partnerships and being growth-oriented were also highlighted as themes that serve Teleste’s corporate responsibility goals.

Customer and user orientation, technological leadership and high quality are emphasised in Teleste’s offering of products and services. The company strives to minimise the carbon footprint of its products and services, both in the production stage and over their full life cycle. The progress of digitalisation creates many opportunities for reducing environmental impacts and Teleste’s offering supports the attractiveness of public transport in urban areas, for example.

Operational efficiency enables the company to observe its economic responsibility, which is ensured by maintaining Teleste’s competitiveness, delivery capacity and cost-efficiency. Growth is supported by Teleste’s strong brand and reputation, which are particularly important in new markets and as Teleste operates in partnership with increasingly large and international companies. Maintaining trust and co-operating with all of the company’s stakeholders promotes the achievement of the shared goals. Following the materiality assessment, the promotion of corporate responsibility will continue with the setting of targets and performance indicators as well as the creation of action plans.

 Updated 2020