Business areas

  • Teleste network products
     Teleste network products
Our business is divided into two divisions, which are Video and Broadband Solutions and Network Services.

VIDEO AND BROADBAND SOLUTIONS business area is divided into Network Products and Video Security and Information business units.

Netowork Products
Network Products provides access networks, video headends and video-on-demand solutions and related services to cable operators. In access network products, Teleste is the market leader in Europe, and it is a globally significant supplier of video headends. The access networks product range contains all components from FttX solutions to amplifiers and passive components, such as antenna sockets. In video headends, the emphasis is on completely digital solutions. The services related to our product operations consist of systems design, quality assurance consulting, maintenance of delivered systems, and training.

Video Security and Information
Teleste delivers comprehensive modular video security and information solutions to public transport operators, train manufacturers and the public sector. Teleste’s product portfolio covers a broad range of passenger information solutions, video security systems and situational awareness systems. Teleste’s solutions are often joined together with other operational systems, such as traffic control, alarm and crisis management systems. Teleste has a strong market position among leading train manufacturers and public transport operators and in demanding video security projects. Teleste’s main market areas are in Europe and North America.


Network Services offers network design, installation and maintenance as well as professional services for operators across Europe. Our customers are often the leading players in their countries, and they aim to make new services available to their subscribers, including high-speed Internet access, pay TV, video-on-de-mand and telephony. Network Services operates in Germany, the UK, Finland, Switzerland and Belgium.