Pirkko Korpi

Pirkko Korpi

I’m Director of Marketing and Business Development for Teleste’s Video Security and Information business unit. I have a passion for continuous improvement of business processes and collaboration across boundaries. See my LinkedIn for more information.

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Meet Teleste at APTA EXPO 2023!

Navigating the future of public transport: insights from APTA EXPO 2023

In the heart of Orlando this October, public transportation enthusiasts, experts, and industry professionals gathered at the APTA EXPO 2023, an event that offered a glimpse into the transformative potential of the American public transport sector. Continue explore our experience at the expo, and our key findings on the state of the US public transport market, ridership trends, and the role of technology in revitalising the industry.

IRIS helps us be a trusted partner

I recently had an encounter with a new colleague who had just joined us and the railway industry. While enjoying a cup of tea together, we discussed the unique industry and customer requirements that are critical for our organization's success. Our conversation led us to an important topic - our commitment to demonstrating high-quality performance to our customers through the use of external industry-qualified proof. This approach has been a cornerstone of our business strategy since we first ventured into IP-based on-board solutions back in 2007.

What does future mobility look like? Key takeaways from InnoTrans 2022

The future of mobility was on everyone’s lips at InnoTrans this year. After four long years of waiting, around 140,000 visitors from more than 131 countries, and 2,834 exhibitors from 56 countries came to the world's leading trade fair of transport technology. Shedding light on what will be on the rail and road tomorrow, the show provided an inspiring venue to explore the entire product and service diversity of the mobility industry. But what had actually changed since last time and what was new?

Focusing on processes creates results

Every day in every business, several steps are taken to reach the set goals. From the first input to the last deliverable, these steps form foundation for business performance and customer satisfaction. When we want to understand what is working and what is not, we need to identify and focus on each step and analyse the entire end-to-end process built on them from start to finish.