Teleste at IP Cable World Summit 2012

The IP Cable World Summit 2012 will take place 27-28 November in Berlin, Germany. As the only global event for cable operators migrating to IP, the event offers a forum for cable operators to identify the strategy and technology that will combine the bandwidth of cable with the flexibility of IP to deliver compelling multiplatform services.

At the IP Cable conference, Teleste’s Hanno Narjus will bring forward Data over Coax as the best choice for next generation European broadband. Data over Coax answers to the challenge of providing digital services to consumers across Europe – with reasonable costs and taking advantage of the existing infrastructure. With Data over Coax technologies, operators can utilize existing coaxial cable connections to provide their customers with popular video streaming services, fast download rates, and access to increasingly higher video definition formats. The technologies offer a competitive and cost-effective option for the “last mile”; building up fibre level broadband connections inside old buildings where using fibre all the way turns out to be too expensive. And what is best: Data over Coax technologies exist already today, or are coming in the immediate future.

Visit here for more information on Data over Coax.