Teleste at IP Cable World Summit 2012: Data over Coax key to achieve EU’s broadband goals

Data over Coax technologies are the most economically sound solution to reach EU goal of bringing broadband to all EU citizens, but sorely need common rules and standards

November 14 - TURKU, Finland. At the IP Cable World Summit 2012, Teleste, an international technology group specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services, will bring forward its Data over Coax solutions and technologies, which enable operators to bring fibre level broadband connections to consumers by utilizing existing cable infrastructure within buildings. Data over Coax is one of the keys in realizing EU’s goals for universal broadband access across Europe, but clear rules are needed for the use, maintenance and sharing of cable assets across the continent. Teleste welcomes you to learn more in Berlin 27-28 November 2012.

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