Teleste at ANGA COM 2013: Turning network ecosystems into a competitive advantage with the Teleste Toolkit

Press release

The “Teleste Toolkit” is a comprehensive set of products and services that answers a wide variety of needs related to designing, building, operating and improving broadband networks and their services

ANGA COM 2013, Cologne, Germany – 3 June 2013 – Teleste, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and related services, today announces several new products to complement its extensive product and solution portfolio. Teleste invites you to visit us at stand E19 and explore the possibilities that the Teleste Toolkit might offer to network operators.

A well-managed and operating network will deliver better uptime and increase cost-effectiveness by cutting down on maintenance costs and unnecessary investments in overlapping features and equipment.  It will also offer successful user experience for network subscribers, creating strong customer relationships that are grounds for new business opportunities for operators.

At ANGA COM 2013, Teleste announces several new products to extend the Teleste Toolkit. Key an-nouncements for the show include:

Access networks

  • Teleste ACE family with an intelligent deep fibre node, Teleste ACE8: The ACE is a new family of amplifiers and nodes that brings intelligence on a robust and more compact scale and is designed for easy installation and management.  The first product in the family is the Teleste ACE8, a deep fibre node, which offers service providers a flexible and low-cost access to high transmission capacity and will support the forthcoming DOCSIS 3.1 standard. The ACE8 features unique wireless, touch-free control via Bluetooth®.
  • DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH) for distributed CMTS architecture. Based on Data over Coax technologies, the DAH enables operators to utilize existing coaxial cabling inside apartment buildings to bring fibre-level connections to their customers, offering them a cost-effective and economically viable choice to upgrade their network capacity to guarantee sufficient speeds for all video streaming. At the ANGA COM 2013 Congress, Teleste’s SVP, Hanno Narjus, will speak about Data over Coax as the best last mile access technology before FttH. The presentation will be part of the International Technological Summit on Wednesday, 5 June. Mr Narjus will also be participating in the Technology Panel on Tuesday, 4 June.
  • Optical passives with FastForward and the Asheridge BarrIER® technology: In addition to the Nordic countries, Teleste’s optical passives are now available also for the German market. Teleste has also made it easier than ever to order customized 19” optics  by introducing the new HDO-FastForward device that supports up to 130 connectors. The RF passives product range has been complemented with the Asheridge BarrIER® technology introducing products designed for in-home noise reduction. At ANGA COM 2013, the BarriER®  live demo will be available at the Asheridge Communications stand P20.

Headend offering

  • Teleste Optimo transcoder for multi-screen video transcoding plus Internet and mobile video streaming. The Optimo is a carrier-class, high-density solution that provides leading video quality and bandwidth efficiency to deliver video to almost any device. It complements the Teleste Luminato digital headend platform and gives operators a true multiscreen transcoding capability with the highest quality user experience available.
  • An EPG module for the Teleste Luminato headend platform that enables flexible EIT information gathering from various sources, and includes storage space for EPG data. It offers versatile configuration options for the output EIT stream and seamless multiplexing into the outgoing multiplexes. The Luminato platform has also been enhanced with a graphical user interface, which provides usability that is comparable to the best consumer devices.

Network services

  •  At ANGACOM 2013, Teleste’s Network Services will present its service offering to European HFC and FttX network operators, including field services, network maintenance and fibre construction services, network design, complex engineering and consulting. Teleste Network Services has a leading market position in Germany, and it also has a strong market presence in Switzerland, Belgium, the UK and Finland. Read more about Teleste Network Services operations in Germany.

We at Teleste understand that networks are ecosystems consisting of hardware and software, services and support. Creating successful ecosystems enables operators to push for revenue without compromising the quality of their services. We at Teleste aim to provide operators with help in designing, operating and improving their networks, creating business opportunities, and eventually benefitting the end customer. The cornerstone of our offering is the top quality of our products, achieved by our own R&D and manufacturing, which is located in Europe. For example, over the years the Teleste Luminato has proved to be one of the most reliable headend platforms on the market. There are thousands of devices in operation across the world, and yet, their hardware failure rate  has turned out to be as exceptionally low as 0.3%.” says Hanno Narjus, SVP, Video and Broadband Solutions, Teleste.

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