GGA Maur takes a quantum leap to increase transmission capacity with Teleste and Helltec

Press release

TURKU, FINLAND – 2 December 2013 – Teleste, an international technology group specialized in broadband video and data communication systems and services, today released a case study of a FTTB HFC upgrade project to provide internet, telephony and nonlinear TV services as VoD and TVoD to the customers of Zurich based cable operator GGA Maur. The project will be realized with Teleste’s partner in Switzerland - Helltec Engineering AG, Rothenburg.

GGA Maur is a Swiss operator that provides TV, Internet and telephony services to over 24,000 households that are located close to Zürich. In 2012, the company started strategic planning of its “Next Generation HFC-Network”. The target of the project is to increase transmission capacity per customer tremendously by implementing deep fibre architecture.

Read our case study of the implementation

The network evolution strategy implemented by GGA Maur will enhance the operator’s ability to achieve a large-scale roll out of the latest service called TVmotion. This service uses the DOCSIS 3.0 platform to deliver nonlinear video as Video-on-Demand and TV-on-Demand. The latter includes features like recall TV for tenth of channels, which allows customers to watch broadcast content within a time period of up to 7 days passed.

Optical transmission equipment as well as element monitoring system is exclusively provided by Teleste. Thereby the AC8700 node station equipped with GaN technology is a tailor-made component for this project. 1 GHz forward bandwidth and 200 MHz in the return path as well as supreme transmission qualities are a key factor for future DOCSIS 3.1 implementation. With the help of Helltec Engineering AG which has the lead in this project, and Teleste as hardware and logistics supplier, the project implementation has started 2013 and will continue in several phases during next years.

We have invested millions of euros in our network infrastructure in the past years and will continue.Main driver for the ongoing network upgrade is  the constant increase in demand for higher  transmission capacity caused by IP based video on the one hand, and ultra-fast internet access otherwise. The concept choosen to perform this big step towards next generation HFC networks allows us to immediately respond to the demands of the market. This can be done by reducing the logical cell size exclusively at the central headend, without the need of touching node locations out in the field. This gives us a unique flexibility”, told Beat Ambühl, CEO GGA Maur, Switzerland. “Working with reliable partners like Helltec Engineering AG and Teleste Corporation helps GGA Maur to assure that our customers will have powerful network-access and advanced services also in future”.

“Helltec is pleased to support GGA Maur in this challenging project. In demanding customer projects like this, we have learned to rely on Teleste’s high quality products that create future-proof grounds for long-term network infrastructure and service development”, said Franz Hellmüller, CEO Helltec Engineering AG. We are confident that our partnership with Teleste will enable GGA Maur to step smoothly and efficiently to the next generation of HFC networks”

As the leading HFC network equipment provider in Europe, Teleste has a wide range of excellent products for, which fits the requirements of the GGA Maur project. We are honoured that Helltec Engineering and GGA Maur trust our products”, told Hanno Narjus, SVP, Video and Broadband Solutions, Teleste.