Network Genius goes to Grand One

Teleste’s Network Genius iPad game has been signed up to the Grand One 2013 together with Taiste, the company that put our ideas of the game to practise. Grand One is the most significant annual digital marketing competition in Finland, and it is hosted by RE: Media Oy and Markkinointi&Mainonta magazine.

Network Genius was developed as a marketing tool to promote Teleste’s intelligent products and their benefits. The idea was to introduce the complicated technology in an entertaining and memorable way that makes the benefits easily and quickly understood.

During 2012, Network Genius has been played at various Teleste and customer events and exhibitions. The game is also available free at iTunes App Store. In a customer centric and traditional industry, the game has proven to be a unique marketing tool that attracts positive attention. The game has also gathered lots of good feedback from both the customers and Teleste’s own organization.

The Grand One 2013 finalists will be announced 8 March, so thumbs up for Network Genius!