Teleste at Secured Cities 2013: Safer city achieved by IP-based video security systems

Deploying new fully integrated web-based security system results in decreased crime rates, improved operations and optimized network utilization

TURKU, Finland – 12 November 2013 - At Secured Cities 2013, Teleste, an international technology company that develops and offers video and broadband technologies and related services, will bring forward its fully integrated IP-based security solutions in preventing crime and increasing safety in urban areas. Teleste welcomes you to learn more in Baltimore, USA, 14-15 November 2013.

Most major cities today are witnessing increased government and public concerns about crime and security. Need for public security is growing since crime and disorder have significant socio-economic costs for society and individuals. An increasingly important measure in crime prevention is closed circuit television (CCTV) technology that is widely used to monitor public spaces. After introducing the CCTV technology, public authorities often report reduction in crime levels and in the fear of crime. At the same time, the CCTV technology is challenged by demands for cost-effectiveness and accountability.

Teleste has developed an IP-based video surveillance system, S-VMX that creates a cost-efficient, agile and reliable tool for the needs of city security. The system is based on distributed architecture, and management of data is performed in centralized operating points where all events and tasks are controlled. Teleste’s video surveillance system is designed to offer operators optimised workflow and improved situational awareness. Accurate and timely access to information is the cornerstone for reliable and accountable data management, and it makes sure that only the right information is processed at the right time.

“Teleste’s video surveillance and security solutions are always based on customers’ needs and often tailored to meet special circumstances. In video management technology, we strive for being at the frontline of development and creating cost-effective solutions that are adaptive and reliable even in the most complex environments”, said Olivier Nitre, Vice president of Video Networks for Teleste.

Teleste’s video surveillance system is easily scalable to meet the varying future demands. The system supports safe and unlimited integration of separate third party sub-systems under a single umbrella and also ensures smooth migration from analogue legacy CCTV systems towards digital and IP networks. This is made possible by the revolutionary, patent pending Command & CaptureTM technology that can cut down integration time from days to hours and aggressively lower integration costs and risks.  Cost-effectiveness is further increased by the possibility to carry out renovation projects in which the existing infrastructure is reused as widely as possible.

At Secured Cities 2013, Jani Rautaneva, Director of Sales for Teleste USA, will present Teleste’s video surveillance solution for the Paris metropolitan police (Préfecture de Police de Paris, PP). Currently the Paris system covers over 13 000 cameras in e.g. the city center and public transportation, as well as museums, stadiums, and shopping malls.  The system includes 20 districts and 55 monitoring centres, and provides services for the police, fire and rescue departments, traffic enforcement, criminal investigation and counter terrorism. Watch the video on video surveillance is used in Paris (in French).

For more information about Teleste’s video surveillance solutions or our Secured Cities 2013 offering, please visit or come to meet us at booth 209 in Secured Cities 2013.