Several years of collaboration with Kabel Deutschland

We interviewed Helmut Grosch, Bereichsleiter Network Planning & Build from Kabel Deutschland, July 2013.

Kabel Deutschland is Germany’s largest cable operator, which through its networks serves about 8.5 million households, providing its customers with competitive and modern digital TV services and HDTV services, analog TV channels, video on demand, pay-TV, and video recording services as well as very fast, up to 100 Mbit/s Internet connections. The company also makes available telephone services in its own cable TV network while offering mobile communications services through a partner’s network.

Several years of collaboration

Kabel Deutschland has been collaborating with Teleste’s subsidiary Teleste GmbH for several years. Teleste GmbH provides Kabel Deutschland with a wide range of NE3 BK products, technical services from network upgrade projects and design and documentation services. Combined with active cooperation between the companies, successful delivery of services to Kabel Deutschland is based on Teleste’s high technical expertise and local project-engineering team in Germany. In addition to daily operational activities, the companies actively collaborate in various development projects, aiming to improve the quality of the client’s network even further. Also Teleste´s NE4 products, such as amplifiers and passives, are widely used in Kabel Deutschland’s network.

Kabel Deutschland business challenges, and expectations towards supplier?

Our continuing growth on Internet/Phone and TV subscribers requires skillful personnel in KD and our partners and supplier with quick reactions to different demands especially for high-speed broadband access. Our daily business is to install new subscribers and expand the network capacity and services in the access network, backbones and IP und TV platforms. So, the expectation to suppliers is on high flexibility and quality, delivering solutions for new services and future proof and cost efficient network equipment for all parts of the network.

Main challenges the supplier needs to solve?

From my perspective, there are three challenges:

  • Significant activities in R&D for developing “green” equipment with lower power consumption and size ratio
  • Develop cost efficient transmission technology for scaling network KPIs
  • Supporting cable operators to adapt broadband and TV networks for future challenges, also on the way from HFC to FTTx.

Benefits achieved in cooperation with Teleste? How do we perform as a supplier? Your experiences of Teleste as a supplier? Project management, performance all the way starting from network design to field installations? The close collaboration between Teleste and Kabel Deutschland over the last years in several projects from network upgrade to layer 4 installations is the main reason for successful project settlement. Differ-ent views and emerging problems have been solved in a constructive way.

  • Quality of products, solutions and services? Teleste products are widely deployed. The equipment shows a merchantable quality comparable to competitive vendors.
  • Delivery performance of products? Requirements on deployed components are complied, Teleste products have a good reliability.
  • Delivery performance of services, field installations? We are highly satisfied with service performance in upgrade- and network extension projects. This is based on professional project preparation in KD and Teleste.
  • Do you see (proactive) network maintenance as a benefit to you? Proactive maintenance is one of most important issues. Several projects in Technical Operations have been started to reduce or avoid customer impact due to network faults. Proactive maintenance could be more cost efficient than trouble shooting.
  • Is Teleste capable of offering you technology insights? It is up to Teleste to be one of our preferred suppliers for network technology with future proof technology and products.

Can we help you to lower total cost of ownership?

In the future vendor selection will be more focused on this. Less power consumption and size ratio, high MTBF and simple operational standards may be helpful to scale total costs of ownership.

Kabel Deutschland was chosen as the best internet provider 2012 in Germany – what do you think were the main reasons for winning the title? Do you see a contribution of Teleste in this success and if so what was it?

Kabel Deutschland and the Technical Operations department are highly focused on customer satisfaction. Ticket reduction and proactive maintenance are important as well as successful modem installation and high quality new build of networks. One of our providers and suppliers to reach high satisfaction is Teleste and its subsidiary Cableway AG.

Your future plans?

Future plans are subscriber growth, high reliability, excellent service and to be a good deal better than our competitors.

Feedback to Teleste – where could we improve?

The future demands on cable operators are increasing IP-bandwidth, much more HDTV and higher standards, network enhancement to all-IP and fibre rollout to FTTx. Time to market for new products and excellent service quality makes the difference to other providers. To be successful in this dynamic environment is challenge and goal for Kabel Deutschland. Teleste could help us to reduce costs and improve availability, service quality and flexibility in new technologies and services.