Teleste acknowledged for developments in creating value for the customers

Customer centricity is one of our values at Teleste. Every customer has their own specific needs that differ from one another depending on the structure and size of their networks or projects, and the services they are offering to end customers. We seek to meet every customer’s needs as good and as rapidly as possible. We want to consider customer needs also in planning our production, and material & information flow.

Teleste has been working with Lean principles since 2008. Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy according to which resources should be used only for the creation of value for the customers. In accordance with these principles, our targets have been to achieve shorter lead times and delivery times and to improve the delivery reliability. The development in our manufacturing processes has resulted in better efficiency, lower stocks, and better quality. Due to enhanced flexibility we are now able to react faster to customer requirements. Through these improvements we seek to strengthen the customers’ overall quality experience of Teleste as a company as well as of our products.

During this process we have also developed new innovative tools for management and follow-up to better visualize the allocation and usage of resources. In addition, our employees in production are encouraged to develop and improve the way of working and processes in their own teams. At our Operations, Logistics & Sourcing department the process of continuous improvement has been taken actively to use, where the development ideas come from bottom up.

Teleste is a member of the Lean Association of Finland. The association actively participates in the development of production planning models and the implementation of new operating models, and also organizes trainings and workshops to its members. The association organizes an annual seminar where they award companies that have reached significant development goals in their operations during the past year. This year, Teleste had the honour to accept the Lean Achievement Award for the improvements carried out in 2012.

The award we received is the result of the development work of the whole Operations team. The input of the production employees and team leaders has been significant in developing the operations to become more flexible and better responding to customer needs.