Teleste at ANGA COM 2013: Teleste fortifies ingress control and extends intelligent networks concept

Press release

New products to ensure service quality and reduce operating costs in cable networks

Turku, Finland – 27 May 2013 – At ANGA COM 2013, Teleste Corporation, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and related services, will present new solutions to fortify ingress control and increase reliability in cable networks enabling cable operators to slash their OPEX. ANGA COM 2013 takes place in Co-logne 4-6 June 2013. Teleste welcomes you to learn more and visit us at the stand E19.

With constantly increasing service and quality demands, broadband network operators need to tackle the Achilles Heel of all CATV networks:  the unwanted signals generated within the subscribers’ home that account for most of the service outages.

At ANGA COM 2013, Teleste will showcase the ACE8, an intelligent deep fibre node to Teleste’s Intelligent Networks concept  that consists of network equipment that can be auto-adjusted, remotely configured and moni-tored, and management software that controls all the devices in a cable network. In an Intelligent Network, in-gress signals can be automatically isolated and blocked, making it easy to identify and locate problems and significantly reduce service outages and network repair times. The Teleste ACE8 brings network intelligence to a user-friendly, robust and compact level that allows especially high performance, and it is the first product in the Intelligent Networks concept that will support the upcoming DOCSIS 3.1 requirements. Reaching up to 1.2 GHz downstream and 200MHz upstream frequency bands, the node ensures demands for future services and in-creasing network capacity.

Together with Asheridge Communications Ltd, Teleste will also highlight Asheridge BarrIER®, the new innovative technology that introduces ingress/egress protection into in-home products. This can help cable operators further lower their OPEX by reducing the number of truck rolls and enhance the customer experience with in-creasing Internet speeds without the interruptions caused by intermittent noise. The BarrIER® technology stops noise from entering networks with up to 40 dB signal attenuation over the whole spectrum 5-2000 MHz, and is being incorporated into isolators, amplifiers, flyleads, wall-outlets, and any device inside the home that can be accessed by the subscriber.

Teleste’s studies show that adding intelligence to networks can reduce operating costs by up to 50 percent; combined with the in-home noise reduction offered by the Asheridge BarrIER® the results can be even more impressive.

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