Teleste at Cable Congress 2013

Teleste will take part at the Cable Congress 2013, 5-7 March in London. The event offers an extensive congress programme featuring top executives from the cable, technology, content, and new media industries.

At Cable congress, Teleste will highlight our 2nd generation Data over Coax solution, which works as a Data over Coax Access Hub (DAH) in distributed network architecture. DAH is based on proven DOCSIS technologies, but does not rest on the traditional centralised CMTS architecture.

In today’s developed cable markets, DAH is the most cost-efficient and future-proof choice of DoC technology. DAH offers a mature, access networks specific standard that works in existing two-way coax networks, and allows a wide set of compatible low-cost consumer cable modems. DAH works as natural evolution step enabling cable operators to move towards next generation, all-IP networks with reasonable capital expenditure. Its distributed architecture brings fibre even closer to the buildings and allows agile upgrades of network capacity, thus reducing the need to expensive headend investments.

Teleste’s Hanno Narjus will speak about DAH at the Cable congress 2013 Speaker’s Corner on Wednesday, 6 March.