Teleste at IBC2013: Home networking doesn’t get easier than this!

  • echoBox with Wi-Fi
     echoBox with Wi-Fi

Press release

New innovation provides Internet superhighway and guarantees smooth customer experience for Wi-Fi, Ethernet and coaxial in-home networks

TURKU, FINLAND – 10 September 2013 – At IBC2013, Asheridge Communications, a member of the international Teleste Group, specialised in broadband video and data communication systems and services, will introduce echoBox Wi-Fi, a next generation home networking adapter that takes care of any conditions in a home network and combines  – Wi-Fi, Ethernet and coaxial cable. The adapter is based on MoCA (Media over Coax Alliance) a global standard that is custom made for delivering HD video in the home coax network.

EchoBox Wi-Fi connects together all internet enabled devices at home by turning existing in-home coaxial network into a high speed internet superhighway. It creates a cost-efficient way for operators to extend broadband network inside apartments and houses without any new cabling. Including a 4 port Ethernet hub and Wi-Fi hotspot, the new adapter also offers functionalities that benefit any type of home network installation.

The echoBox Wi-Fi works by setting up Ethernet over Coax connection for a maximum of 16 echoBox devices in the same home coax network. Connection between the in-home coax network and standard Ethernet router is created just by plug-and play, and no direct connection is needed because the new adapter can create a wire-less bridge between the two systems. Setting up the Wi-Fi part of the system is also done simply by plugging in to the existing router with the supplied Ethernet cable and following the Wizard, typing the default address into a web browser on your laptop or tablet and following the onscreen wizard.

When connected by coax at the main viewing point, the echoBox Wi-Fi offers 4 Ethernet ports for managing all media devices in home, and provides a local Wi-Fi hotspot for maximum performance from tablets to mobile devices. Locating elsewhere in the house, the adapter can be used to extend the range of the Wi-Fi network and gives wired Ethernet connectivity to laptops, printers, and the all-important NAS drive for home media streaming. No matter how many people are connected and using the network, the adapter can prioritise individual channels for each connection and ensure uninterrupted, high-quality user-experience for them all.

EchoBox Wi-Fi benefits also customers without a coax network. The adapter can be used at the main viewing point and have 4 wired Ethernet devices plugged into it. In just seconds, it can be turned into a wireless Ethernet hub that can provide its own local Wi-Fi access point and connect customers’ wired ethernet devices to the internet. Combined with additional MoCA boxes in other parts of the home, the echoBox Wi-Fi even allows customers to start building their own home network.