Teleste receives 1.1 million euro video surveillance order from CTA

Teleste LLC, a fully owned subsidiary of Teleste Corporation, has received a mobile video management and onboard recording solution order for Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) railcars. The order includes the supply of Teleste VMX series mobile network video recorders, video management software and IP networking equipment as well as their technical integration into the overall CTA video management system.

Teleste video management system is currently installed at 146 rail stations and several hundred railcars within the CTA. This order further expands the system for a better protection of the public against crime and potential terrorism. Teleste onboard solution represents a great expansion potential for other similar projects globally.

The system deliveries are expected to be completed in fall 2013 and the order value is approximately 1.1 million euros.


Read the stock exchange release on 12 August 2013.