Building access to a thriving future

Article, 15 May 2014

Year 2014 has been predicted to be the year of good customer experience. In mature markets, such as Europe, telecom operators and service providers are struggling to balance the increasing demand for services with the technological developments. Consumers are looking for increasingly more personalised services, better quality of services, as well as faster and more comprehensive network connections. At the same time, the network is expanding everywhere and will, in future, connect people as well as objects, homes and living environments. This networked world requires modernisation of the network and data transmission technologies with the development of services to meet the changing demand.

Teleste's toolkit provides comprehensive know-how

In 2014, Teleste is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Over the decades, this company founded by Olavi Ahonen back in 1954, has grown into one of the world's leading suppliers of access networks and product solutions in video surveillance applications providing a comprehensive range of related services to go with them. We have gone international while maintaining our Finnish roots and developed with our customer base into new business areas.

Long experience in the industry has provided Teleste with in-depth system knowledge in access network technologies and their related services. Today, we design, implement and maintain advanced network solutions for telecom operators and service providers. Our solutions are easy to use and reduce our customers' network operating costs. In addition, the products and services included in our network solutions constitute one seamless whole, which helps our clients to focus and allocate resources while reducing the life cycle costs involved in their network systems.

In the rapidly changing telecommunications industry, we aim at guaranteeing the competitiveness of the solutions and products we deliver until the end of their useful lives. We understand our customers' needs and technological requirements related to different solutions; our product development and testing enables us to ensure that our products and solutions deliver as promised.  Our experience in access networks is the cornerstone is a toolkit that will make it easier for our operator customers to focus on the development of their services and business. On top of that, we want to improve the quality and reliability of service as experienced by both our operator customers and the consumers.

More effective and efficient technology in the future

High-quality technological solutions and new services provide a means to compete for customers and increase customer satisfaction. Yet these alone are not enough; consumers want products to facilitate their daily lives and to make it more comfortable and more efficient. For access networks this means, for example, ever increasing broadband speeds and reliable transmission of data and video both at home and while using tablets and smartphones.

One of the major impacts of the upcoming changes will be brought about by the implementation of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard. This will make it possible to increase the network transmission capacity to meet the growing needs of consumers. The new standard will enable IP video to be transferred to a variety of Internet services and, in particular, the increasing return path capacity will respond to the consumer drive of sharing more and more self-produced video content in various Internet channels.

Teleste has been following this development for a good time and has already released the first DOCSIS 3.1 compliant node of the industry. In addition, we have introduced solutions to the market that increase network intelligence. In 2012, Teleste launched the 'Intelligent Networks' concept, which features automatically adjusting network devices as well as efficient management software that enables network operations and components to be controlled from a remote location. Intelligence allows for increased cost-efficiency of networks and improvement in the quality of service.

The world is becoming networked at an accelerating pace, and the number of devices connected to the Internet will multiply. Internet of Things will extend digital access and services to everywhere and all terminals. This increasing degree of networking will create smart cities where functions and infrastructure will be seamlessly interconnected. Moreover, networks can be used to control the smart home and the building technology it contains. Teleste wants to provide solutions that enable the construction of intelligent environments and development of new services. Our solutions also enable increases in capacity to be carried out gradually, first there where the demand will make new investments profitable.