COSMOS TV deploys Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub to bring high-speed broadband connections to customers in Minsk

Press release

Teleste’s solution enables Belarussian operator COSMOS TV to utilize the existing cable network in delivering top-quality IP based services to subscribers in the city of Minsk.

Turku, Finland – 8 September 2014 Teleste, a leading provider of video and broadband technologies and services, announced today the deployment of Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH) to a Belarussian cable TV, MMDS, and broadband operator COSMOS TV. The deployment takes place in 2014.

Teleste’s DAH provides COSMOS TV with a means to provide top-quality Internet and video services to cable network subscribers. Representing new, distributed technology for access networks, the hub supports DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 data transmission and allows cost-efficient extensions of IP networks over existing coaxial cabling inside apartment buildings. One DAH device can quarantee quality of service and  fiber-level downstream and upstream speeds for hundreads of subscribers. Read more about the DOCSIS Access Hub

“We are thrilled to support our long-term partner COSMOS TV in improving their high-speed Internet access offering”, said Hanno Narjus, SVP of Video and Broadband Solutions for Teleste. ”In order to cost-efficiently answer to the ever-increasing demand for more broadband capacity operators need to combine new and existing network infrastructure with innovative data transmission technologies. We are confident that our DAH provides a future-proof solution for building and developing next generation broadband networks in such a complex setting.”

“To enhance IP network delivery in Minsk, we were looking for a solution that combines fast delivery times and cost-efficiency with the best quality. We are pleased that our long-term partner Teleste was able to meet these requirements with its DAH solution”, said Dmitry Pryakhin, Development Director of COSMOS TV. “As a service provider we also find that Teleste’s well-operating support works as an asset in creating a seamless service experience for our customers.”

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Hanno Narjus
Senior Vice President, Video and Broadband Solutions, Teleste Corporation

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Mirkka Lamppu
Manager, CEM and Communications, Teleste Corporation
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Olga Tarasenko
Public Relations manager, COSMOS TV
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