upc cablecom Service Center HFC visited Teleste for the 10th time

Peter Siegrist, Teamleader, upc-cablecom Service Center HFC, October 2014

The Service Center is highly interested in increasing its knowledge base and keeping essential know-how in the company in times of strong technological innovations and complex challenges with cable network modernizations. As a repair centre for Teleste it is also very important to know our partner face by face. Once again we had very good discussions and we plan to extend our contract to selected optical devices.

Another topic on the agenda was Teleste’s 1G2 roadmap and of course how to measure the devices. Intensive and interesting discussions with Teleste R&D took place about the measurements of DOCSIS 3.1 compatible products. We are highly interested in investing in 1G2-measurement equipment and probably copying Teleste’s related set-up for our own use in Switzerland. Using similar measurement set-ups in both labs will make comparison of the results easier.

A guided tour around Teleste R&D and production was very interesting. To see how the devices are produced and what Teleste does to increase the quality is a thing you should not miss during a visit at Teleste. In the end it was a very interesting and very well organized visit. To see the changes from visit to visit and how Teleste makes the effort to present new solutions for a cable operator is really worth a visit.