CAEC Conference 2015 in Czech Republic

The 16th annual CAEC conference, which takes place today 28 April, 2015, will offer perspectives on future development of TV broadcasting, PayTV and TV retransmission in Czech Republic. Topics of the panel discussions include opportunities and threats, as well as new business and operational models for the industry. Also the Internet and digital economics as well as illegal distribution of protected content will be discussed in the seminar. The conference and exhibition, arranged in hotel International, Prague, Czech Republic will attract both local and international guests.

Teleste will participate in the event with our Czech partner LICA, who is one of the parties organizing this event. Following the theme of the event and the topics of the panel discussions, we will be showcasing our digital headend platform Luminato, transcoder Optimo for Cable TV, broadcast IPTV and OTT applications, IP to analog converter Palomino along with 1.2. GHz amplifiers and nodes, such as ACE8 and AC810.