Teleste Commander for Android now supports the AC9000 node!

Teleste Commander is a service terminal application for Android smartphones and tablets. Its development addresses our customers’ wishes to use personal mobile devices for setting up Teleste outside plant products. The application uses wireless Bluetooth connectivity for easy wireless local device management via a personal mobile device enabling basic configuration tasks for the supported products.

The application now supports Teleste’s AC9000, the intelligent node for deep fibre networks.

In addition to the AC9000 node, the application currently supports Teleste ACE8, our intelligent node with DOCSIS 3.1 compatibility. The support will be gradully extended to all nodes and amplifiers in Teleste’s Intelligent Networks portfolio.

How to get started?

Teleste Commander is available free of charge in Google Play store, as usual.

Plug the Teleste AC9601 USB to Bluetooth adapter in the node to establish wireless Bluetooth connection between the node and your Android device. You are now ready to configure. The adapter makes it possible to connect and configure the connected device within up to 30m from the device.